Autumn 2022 Shows

On September 18 I started my first proper tour since 2019, a run of 20 gigs in 21 days. It was a joy to be out on the road and to be so very confident of what I was presenting. As well as a collection of great songs, I had a secret weapon in the form of my friend and colleague and sound man Tom Wright, who truly enhanced the sound of my playing and singing with his work. I think Tom deserves a medal for spending 3 weeks in the car with me. We travelled quite literally the length and breadth of mainland Britain from Findhorn in the north of Scotland to Pontadawe in West South Wales, Sudbury in Suffolk, and Falmouth in Cornwall. A lot of miles and lot of beautiful scenery. I’d like to thank all the audiences who came out, it was at times as if there had been no pandemic as people turned out in great numbers.

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