Hi everyone, now that things are becoming clearer, Martin is home and we are all well here so far … We’re very grateful to be so and very much in awe of the key workers who are still out in the world, working to keep us safe and to keep everything working. You are inspirational and all our thoughts are with you. Being at home at least gives us time to think and, like many of our fellow artists and events industry colleagues, we are facing a very empty few months. We want to thank Martin’s agents, ABM, for all ...
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Workshop Announcement

Hi everyone, we have decided to err on the side of positive and carry on with Martin’s Workshop this November as planned. We realise that things could change in ways we are not aware of yet in these unprecedented times, but it’s always good to have something to look forward to! The dates are Friday 20 - Sunday 22 November 2020. We have spoken to the Kenwood Hotel, where the workshops have taken place over the past few years and they have reassured us that if the event needs to be cancelled due to Coronavirus, they will refund anyone’s bookings ...
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New tabs!

Well now we're all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, what better time to brush up on your guitar skills?! With that in mind we've got some new ones for you - Henry Gray, Katherine of Aragon, and Kimbie ...
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Denmark and Dance!

Martin has just got back from a fantastic few days in Denmark which he and road manager Terry thoroughly enjoyed - great concerts, great country, great people! - and is about to set off for some UK dates later this week, including performing at The King’s Place in London as part of their Wild Singing weekend. Martin will be in conversation with Matthew Bannister from the Folk On Foot podcast during the first half and then performing songs from his most recent album, ‘Rooted’ in the second half. You can get more information and tickets here: Last week, Martin ...
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2020 News

Hi all! Apologies for the radio silence on here for a while - hopefully normal service will now be resumed. We’re really excited to tell you about lots of new things that Martin is involved in at the moment, including the first upcoming dates for his new band, ’The Magpie Arc’, featuring the fabulous talents of Adam Holmes, Nancy Kerr, Tom Wright, Alex Hunter and Martin, of course. If you like mellow folk rock, Little Feat style grooves, fabulous songwriting and superb musicianship, you’re going to love this combination. You can hear our current favourite track, ‘Autumn Leaves’ here. Martin ...
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Guitar Tabs

Blues Run The Game – tab available

Hello everyone! We asked you to let us know which guitar tab of Martin’s arrangements you would like us to make available in the shop and we’re delighted that so many of you have taken the time to respond. A hugely popular request has been Martin’s arrangement of Jackson C Frank’s, ‘Blues Run The Game’ in tab form and we’ve just this minute uploaded it to the shop - you can get it by clicking here. Keep your requests coming in and we’ll get as many up as we can, including tab from his new CD, ‘Rooted’ which is available ...
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