Kind Letters (2005)


  • The Cruel Brother
  • Love Henry
  • Bareback to Bullhassocks
  • Here’s Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  • Adieu Adieu
  • Creeping Jane
  • The Flying Cloud
  • House Carpenter
  • A Blacksmith Courted me
  • When First I Came to Caledonia
  • Peggy & The Soldier
  • Clerk Sanders
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Kind Letters began to collect serious praise before it even reached the shops – from journalists with review copies and fans who pre-ordered through this site. It sees Martin returning to the mainly British traditional material that he explored on his Award winning CD, The Bramble Briar. With the addition of a beautiful rendition of When First I Came to Caledonia, the wonderful banjo-accompanied track, The House Carpenter and his self-composed tune, Bareback to Bullhassocks, (in honour of his road manager and great friend, Terry Oliver), this collection of songs finds Martin at his most relaxed best. Martin enlisted the help of some good friends for this recording – the wonderful Irish band, Danù on the tracks When First I Came to Caledonia, Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy and Adieu, Adieu; the extraordinary young duo, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan on The Cruel Brother, Love Henry and A Blacksmith Courted Me plus the ever-brilliant Chris Parkinson on Creeping Jane and Bareback To Bullhassocks.

There are plenty of solo tracks of course. The Flying Cloud being a spell-binding performance of one of the most atmospheric of traditional ballads there is, plus a welcome return to a bit of banjo-wizadry with his interpretation of The House Carpenter. The CD was recorded at a new and exciting period of life for Martin and reflects his great happiness and enthusiasm for the music and the performance of it.

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