Prodigal Son, The Concert


She Slips Away / Mother Love / Little Musgrave
The Ballad of Sammy’s Bar
The Granemore Hare
I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
Louisiana 1927
Kit’s Tune / When A Knight Won His Spurs
Love Never Dies
Lakes of Champlain
Bachelor’s Hall
Duncan & Brady
Pretty Crowing Chicken / Hiram’s Tune
Andrew Lammie
Strange Affair
Never Any Good
Good Morning Mr Railroad Man
Also included is a short film; You Can Go Home Again


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First Live in concert DVD from the great guitarist and singer. Beautifully shot with 5.1 sound and over 2 hours long.

With the release of Prodigal Son (winner of BBC Radio 2 Folk Award’s album of the year 2008), Martin Simpson created a contemporary classic that effortlessly crossed musical boundaries and exhibited what many had known for years – here is one of this generation’s most talented songwriters, singers and guitarists.

Here on this special DVD, Martin takes us on a 2 hour live journey through that album, expanding and reinterpreting as only he can – and throws in a few more tunes for good measure. This professionally shot concert film has superb 5.1 sound and looks and sounds great, highlighting his virtuoso playing and also the quality of his collaborative work when he is joined by Andy Cutting on Diatonic Accordion, Andy Seward on double bass and Kellie While on backing vocals. The evening is topped off by a stunning version of the song of the year, Never Any Good.

As an added bonus, there is a unique short film made by Martin called You Can Go Home – retracing the steps of his youth under the shadows of the blast furnaces in his native Scunthorpe. It is both a revealing and, at times, highly humorous backwards glance.

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