The Magpie Arc

“Hello everyone, hope you’re all well and safe and as happy as possible? I’m feeling relieved to have had my first Covid 19 vaccination and glad to be tentatively seeing some hopeful light at the end of the tunnel. I’m keeping my mask on though for now …

One of the projects that we’ve managed to pull together at a distance during lock down, has been new music with our band, The Magpie Arc and I am thoroughly enjoying flexing my electric guitar playing chops, along side the many talents of Nancy Kerr, Adam Holmes, Tom Wright and Alex Hunter, a fine bunch of people and artists.

Our three EPs are now available via our Bandcamp page – CDs are £5.99 and the vinyl is £12.99 and they all come with a free download also –

Please do follow our social media accounts for our collective news – FacebookTwitterInstagram and via our website

There are quite a few of us so we pop up every now and again with news and plans – and music, of course! I can’t wait to play live with this band but I am also really proud of the music we’ve so far recorded.

Onward and upward, as my friend, Mike Kaufman would say. See you soon.”

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