Future dates TBC as soon as possible, both online and in person:

In 2020’s Covid lockdown, we took a ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ approach, moving Martin’s weekend, residential workshop online and were delighted with how the three that we ran went.

There are some real positives that we found with the online format. Firstly, it’s covid-safe and it’s so much more possible for so many people – it’s much more accessible with no travel, hotel rooms etc; people from all over the world can attend (and many do!); the two camera shoot brings it all closer; attendees can play along, (on mute), with Martin; the online format removes many barriers for those who may struggle with the in- person format, plus you have the MC who can ask questions for you if you would prefer it. We got such great feedback, some of which you can see at the end and we are always happy to answer questions in advance.

The ONLINE workshop day runs with Martin playing, singing and describing the techniques he uses, plus the thought behind the arrangements and the reasons for the tunings involved. There is a  focus on material from one particular CD or style, with many transcriptions being sent out in advance to all participants. There is also be the chance to revisit some other classic Martin Simpson pieces and we encourage questions beforehand as well as during the day. Martin responds, talking about the things he loves best – guitars, songs and even banjos…
Participants see a variety of camera angles and shots, to get a clearer look at finger-picking styles and hand positions, whilst questions and comments will be facilitated by an MC, experienced in online workshop teaching and facilitation.
The workshop is recorded and made available to the day’s participants afterwards.

We hope that we can return to an in-person weekend workshop soon, but in the meantime we are really excited to be online and benefit from the possibilities we have found that it brings.

If you would like any more information, please email as soon as possible. Places will be limited in order to ensure that each participant gets as full and valuable an experience as possible from the event.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Feedback from 2020’s workshop

“This was one of the best days I’ve had since the start of the pandemic. Thanks for doing it.”  Brad, Canada
“James was great, managing the Zoom logistics, but also picking up on questions, asking his own when things might have slowed down otherwise etc.”
“As I said, it was actually useful to be muted and consequently able to pick up a guitar and try something as Martin spoke about it, or demonstrated it….”  Ian, UK
“Twas excellent, and can’t wait for the next one!! Thanks to yourself, Martin and James, really inspiring day!!” Jason, N. Ireland
“That was a really great day, inspiring even! It was a family funded birthday pressie from August time and helped me move seamlessly well and truly into my seventy first year, so grateful for all the effort commitment and passion from the two of you and the support crew.”  Norman, UK
“In spite of the wooziness and only a few hours sleep, still revelling in the aftermath of an incredible day (night). It’s rare to encounter such a wonderful tailored teaching style – Martin’s eloquence, his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, his ability to forge genuine connections made for a magical experience. Thank you both”  Jamie, AUSTRALIA

“What can I say? Thank you all for a wonderful workshop. Martin is an excellent tutor, I came away with so much useful information and understanding of open tuning …”  Ian, UK

“…a day full of inspiration. Tomorrow, everyday life’s duties will hit me hard again, but today I can spend the day with the guitar on my lap, practicing … Great day.”  Alex, Austria
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