Martin’s guitar workshops are open to players of all levels, you just have to be desirous of learning.

Come armed with as many questions as you can think of to do with the guitar and immerse yourself in all things guitar-related for the weekend. The workshops are completely question led and do not involve anyone – except Martin – playing in front of anyone else during the days. The evenings are given over to sessions and trying out things that were talked about during the day.

Martin is often working on new arrangements at the time of the workshops and is happy to demonstrate how he chooses songs or starts to work on tunes and original ideas. Above all though, the workshops are determined by the things participants want to talk about and everyone from beginners to professionals come away inspired and energised by the day … particularly Martin himself. Believe us, he wants to do nothing but talk about guitar also …!

2020’s Second OnLine Workshop Day – Sat 5th December, 10am – 5pm.

The day will start at 10am with virtual doors being opened at 9.50am to allow everyone to get settled in and there will be breaks for coffee/tea and for lunch with the whole day wrapping up at 5pm.

The evening presents the opportunity to join a more informal, session which was a great success at the initial online day and we’re delighted that our friend, Mark Kerrison has agreed to host this once more for workshop attendees.

Please email for more information, with Guitar Workshop in the subject heading.

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